12th Annual
Great Atlanta Youth Walk

West End Park

(Lawton & Oak Streets SW)

Saturday, September 20, 2008
10:00 am-1:00 p.m.

The Great Atlanta Youth Walk is based on a simple idea: powerless children need our help. We have the power to make the difference!

The annual Youth Walk is the only event of its kind to highlight the positive aspects of Atlanta's southside. The Walk takes place on the southside, demonstrates the southside community's concern for youth, and raises much-needed money for southside programs that are making a difference in the lives of children.

The Youth Walk is based on the premise that churches, schools and community organizations form the first line of defense in support of children and families. For this reason, the Youth Walk puts money back into the community.

Last year, proceeds were shared with 5 southside community projects that add value and purpose to the lives of children: Another Way Out mentoring program for boys and girls; Boulevard House residence for homeless families; Community Care recreation, enrichment and tutorial programs;
Grant Park Clinic for needy and underserved patients; and S.T.R.I.V.E. legal representation and mentoring project.

In addition, every year participating churches and schools can keep 20% of the pledges they raise to support their own ideas and programs for youth. The Georgia Alliance for Children uses its share of the proceeds to continue demonstration projects for "at risk," southside teenagers. Proceeds also strengthen the Alliance's on-going work to change the way people think and act about issues that affect children's lives.

Click here for more information, or
call 1-888-292-WALK to register your church, club or employee group to participate.

Help the Great Atlanta Youth Walk achieve its goal of strengthening the network of support for children:

1. Collect Pledges - Ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to make a contribution. Set a personal goal of raising at least $25.
2. Form a Team - Organize members of your church, office or social group to form a Walk Team (call 1-888-292-WALK for details). Encourage each team member to raise at least $25.
3. Show Up on September 20! Enjoy the Walk's spirit of unity, purpose and celebration. The 5K walk route winds through the historic West End district, including the famed Atlanta University Center. And remember: The walk is for youth, but helping powerless children is an adult responsibility.

Directions to West End Park

From I-85 North or South
Exit at I-20 West.  Follow directions below.

From I-20 West
Take exit 55A - Rev. Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard (formerly Ashby Street).  There is a stop light on Lowery at the foot of the exit ramp. Bear right through the intersection to the street that runs alongside the Interstate - Lucile Avenue. Take Lucile to the next intersection, which is Lawton Street. West End Park is bordered by Lucile Avenue and Lawton Street.

From I-20 East
Take exit 55A - Rev. Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard (formerly Ashby Street).  Turn left at the stop light onto Lowery.  Turn left at the next stop light onto Lucile Avenue, which runs alongside the Interstate. Take Lucile Avenue to the next intersection, which is Lawton Street. West End Park is bordered by Lucile Avenue and Lawton Street.

From I-285
Take the Cascade Road exit.  Go east (turn right from 285 North; left from 285 South).  Continue on Cascade approximately 5 miles to Lawton Street. (There is a Captain D's restaurant on the corner.)  Turn left onto Lawton.  Continue to the next intersection, which is Oak Street.  West End Park is bordered by Lawton and Oak Streets.

Via Public Transportation
Take the southbound MARTA train to West End station.  Take  the 71 bus to Lawton Street (there is a Captain D's restaurant on the corner).  West End Park is one block behind Captain D's.

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